diumenge, 17 de febrer de 2008

Friday Night Fever

This is the plan:
Next Friday; 22nd February, 2008. Valencia city.
Villar Pipol go out: dinner, party, dancing, laughing, and more.
Places to go; La Bounty, Olga Poliakov, La tasketa, and some others.
Dress code; casual clothes.
Motto: "Just bring your positive energy".

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Anònim ha dit...

Why no one answer to your messages?
You are very "cool" Jose Manuel

Begonya Mezquita ha dit...

This question doesn't require any answer, my dear anònim. Hi ha acords interns que no ultrapassen a la pantalla. sorry!

Anònim ha dit...

Sorry my dear Begonya!!!
Menudo genio.Haztelo ver

Anònim ha dit...